Friday, December 5, 2014

So Far

So good.

I've had dry mouth induced nausea each day for a couple of days. It lasts a while but eventually calms down. Nite to self: Increasing water intake should help.

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic for no apparent reason so I took a break alone instead of pushing through. It took a long time to come down.

I'm as tired as usual but the pain may be less than it was earlier this week. Could it be working? Could it be working that fast? 

Mornings haven't been as painful and I've had thoughts of what I need/want to do in the morning. Follow through, not as much but maybe on the uptick?!

Today I'm writing while I test the couch position that is most common, super uncomfortable and always makes me hurt when I get up. So far, my knees aren't screaming at me.

Okay, I should get to my morning.


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