Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The child psychologist said today that I need to:

-Let it go
-Decide what's important
-Accept that "this" is what kids do
-Have no emotions about it, whatever the fuck "it" is that's making me upset
-To not be angry

Guess what?

I am I N F U R I A T E D!

As in I want to demolish things, throw Shit, drive the car into people or a building. I want other people and things to feel my fury. F U R Y!

The fact that he suggested that what I want isn't important is the piece that has got me.

Is it not important that my kid (at age 10):

-flush the toilet after taking a dump?
-do homework?
-help around the house by putting HIS shoes, backpack, lunch, and other sundry items WHERE THEY BELONG?

What about:

-turning off the lights?
-closing the door when he is the last person in the house?
-brushing his teeth?
-wearing clean clothes?
-washing his hands after using the bathroom?

"Is it important?"

Fuck you.

It makes a difference to ME when he refuses to help with his stuff. I'm not a fucking servant. I DO NOT live to take care of his stuff because, well, he *doesn't feel like it* right now. So why expect him to follow through? Is it important? Not to him. So, you don't have to do anything if it's not important to you. Mom is the giving tree. The Boy just takes and takes. Great lesson.

This makes me want to move out and live alone.

Ramble, ramble. Sorry. Not sorry. My space.

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