Saturday, May 3, 2014


The birds are chirping, quite loudly. We are dog sitting for our neighbor. Baseball photos and a birthday party today.

I'm patiently waiting to get a job offer or let down for a great job opportunity I interviewed for last week. Trying to be patient, that is. Not knowing is rough. I'm trying to have faith that it will work out as it should.

Next week is my birthday and mothers day. For that I wait for a gift of a fitness tracker, a digital camera or a necklace. My goal is to find some inspiration to live rather than waiting to live. To risk and be brave instead of being bored and boring.

My energy is still rather low so waiting in stillness has a strong appeal. It will shift, as all things do.

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Paula said...

Waiting sucks eggs. My fingers are crossed that you can have peace in the meantime, and while I'm at it, that you get the job!

Did you give those three choices as possibilities form bd gifts? Great idea!

I'm waiting for something else, but I relate.