Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Theme

Self care is the theme.

Not exciting but necessary. I got new shoes and inserts yesterday.

Have been taking my breathing and skin meds - it's rather nice to be able to breathe and interesting to note that I'm able to tolerate a rather high threshold of poor respiratory (or skin or other) health. My foot hurts SO much though. I'm doing my best to work through the pain, do the exercises and stretching. I will also look for an ART (Active Release Method) therapist for massage. Apparently it is an effective treatment for the plantar fasciitis. Fingers crossed.


Paula said...

Good work WOnelle! Breath is so very important. I'm loving your writing of late. Feels like you are moving through something new in your life. Please let me know if the ART works!

IISAFETY said...

Self care is good but sometimes a medical consultation is better. Just take good extra care of yourself, because a healthy body is an asset. Thanks for posting!