Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Das Boot

Plantar Fasciitis...Poop!

I'm wound up oh, so tight that the doc had to work to get my left foot to flex at a 90° angle. It's not surprising. My hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and low back are chronically tight.

He suggested that it could take 3 months to get back to pain free. Lordy. The body is telling me to love it. Forcing me, actually.

I will commit to 3 months of stretching 4 times a day in addition to my eczema and asthma meds twice a day. Sleeping in the boot that keeps it stretched at night. I will see the naturopath to see about the eczema issues to see about dietary changes I can make. I already started drinking more water, have been applying a homemade oil of vitamin e, jojoba, and coconut and it is helping. Today I also started a turmeric and probiotic supplement for inflammation. It may be harder to forego the dairy. Yesterday I had ice cream and today, fresh mozzarella cheese. Mmmm, cheese. But only.once, not several times. Baby steps.

I have focused my job search to public sector work, preferably part time and have settled on a pay range. The application process is harder than for Craigslist jobs, and perhaps more competitive, but the compensation is worth the effort. I finished an application for a part-time position today and feel hopeful about my chances. And, the last public sector job I applied for I was a serious contender. I will find the right fit with reasonable people, preferably part-time and good pay. That is what I want. I have wanted it for a long time. It is my time.

My time to get what I want so that I can take good care of me, too.

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Paula said...

Oh Wonelle, dang. It will heal, but it does suck. I think I mentioned how debilitated I was by it. Yet, it healed and gave me faith that my body knows what to do. Do take care of your precious body, WOnelle. Nothing matters without it!