Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This weekend was tough. We allowed Twig a completely "down" day on Saturday in which he was able to choose to do what he wanted to do.

After opening day for baseball that included a very crowded opening ceremony and parade (I didn't attend) and lots of rain that got the first game of they year cancelled, he chose to put on his pajamas and watch tv.

All day.

Wood and I ran errands. We went to the Beauty supply, the hardware store, to get groceries and the running store to get me some new shoes. We came home in between stores to check in on and make sure he was okay, and to encourage him to get dressed and come out of the house with us. No dice.

Once the TV was off he was a raging jerk, being snarky, snotty, and downright disrespectful. And, despite our due diligence, it hasn't subsided since.

We screwed up.

We suffered for our enjoyment of the day because it was easier thank having the argument. Besides, he rarely has quiet days.

The concept of "deserve" comes up in discussions with my nice lady. As in the child must deserve, or at least work for, the privileges he gets. This is difficult for me - to balance punitive  and expectation. Especially when he's being rude and nasty for days in a row.

Because I allowed him to have his brain leached by crappy TV7 sit coms all day.

We're gonna get this right!

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Paula said...

Deserving. Interesting parenting concept. I'm not sure about it. I think there are consequences to shitty actions like irritated parents. Sometimes you can see what ingredients need to be in the mix to get desired behavior. For us it is sleep and food and not too much friends/ computer. (vin/ Mar) They can still hear our voice then. But we have to blow it and do too much of whatever it is to know that it is too much. one step forward two steps back at our house. And they are getting old. Vin will be 15 soon and Mooch will be 17 in August. Mercy me, they are pretty well formed.