Sunday, April 27, 2014

Body Fail - Plugging Along

Vacation! Here we are in New Orleans with friends. It's so lovely except my body is freaking out.

Of course my time of the month started and while my skin is much better than it was, it's still a bit upset with itchy dry patches that don't respond to my home made oil-salve. My gall bladder had a tantrum about all of the fried food we've been enjoying (its still got me on notice), I've got a pretty rash along my bra-line as well as where my thighs rub together and I've got a hemorrhoid.

But wait, there's more!

I fully expected the plantar fasciitis to be in full gear and it is. What I didn't expect was that I'd sprain my ankle on the same foot a week and a half before our walking trip. In addition to that pain, my legs/feet are swelling like balloons from the heat and all the walking we've been doing. I got some compression socks to help but it doesn't much. My left knee, the one with torn cartilage, started clicking with every step earlier and I just woke to hunger pains and what I think may be a bug bite on my Achilles. Itchy & Ouchie.

Our friends are the best. I fel like I'm complaining and that I've slowed the group down. The feel badly that I'm in such discomfort - and they only know about my foot/ankle. Despite all of it, it's lovely to be on vacation. I'll post a bit of our activities another time. My 4am hunger pangs have been addressed and I think, now that it's almost 5am, it's time to go back to sleep.

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Paula said...

My dear Wonelle, that is some rough body stuff! I'm so sorry. Itching is such a hard to ignore thing. I sincerely hope you get some relief on at least one front there. And I hope Nawlins is good to your soul!