Friday, March 7, 2014


Whew, what a whirlwind of a week!

Twig is in Guys & Dolls and the show opens tonight! Whew, I'm so glad it's almost over. But even more glad that I've had this time to be with my boy, to do carpool duty, be backstage support, and build costumes for the intermission bit the kids will do. Mostly I've enjoyed being with my boy. Even when he's being a lippy little snit.

Today is Second-Interview-Friday. I'm a top tier candidate invited back for a second look. This will be my second opportunity to assess the supervisor and team culture, and subsequently my fit for the job.

It seems like a good fit. The job isn't difficult - I'm pretty sure it would be easy, almost boring; it's writing and process stuff. My big concerns are about personality and culture related to expectations. The interpersonal stuff. I want to fit well, do good work, and be left alone, unless I don't want to be, you know?

It's a good paying job. Great benefits. Fantastic commute. Nice offices. Supervisor and other people seem like genuine, good, honest people. The interview was good. It felt easy, right. My gut told me it was the job for me when I applied. I have hesitation. Because my last gig was so horrible? It was different, I knew that one (supervisor) was wrong and did it anyway. She tried and failed, too.

This is different. I DO have a choice. If chosen, I'll do it.

And do it well.

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Paula said...

I hope the interview allayed your concerns and cemented the relationship!