Monday, March 3, 2014

In Through The Nose

Out through the mouth.

I have a job interview this morning. For a job I want.

The universe knows if it is the right job for me. I will know soon, too.

My former boss left her Executive Director position. Former colleagues have kept me in the loop. I'm still sure that leaving for the other job, despite the fact that it didn't work out, was the best decision for me. I was so unhappy there.

Now, I am open to what I want: a support role, quality work, supportive colleagues, good working environment, meaningful work. Pay. Retirement benefits.

Okay, off to make this a reality!


Paula said...

Hoping it went really well! You know who you are. That is an asset.

Anonymous said...

I think it went well. I DO know myself and felt confident in presenting myself, my ability, my fit for the job and organization quite well. It wasn't difficult. Only time will tell! Thanks for the positive feedback!

Anonymous said...

AND... I have been invited to come back for a second interview!