Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Year Later

One year ago I went to Las Vegas with Wood - he was attending a work conference and I tagged along. We went a few days early for a mini-vacation.

On the first night of the conference, a female colleague of Wood's rolled up on him like they were more than colleagues. When we were introduced, she was uncomfortable and said so. I went for her jugular. But every time I turned around, the bitch was there.

As we left the conference, the rage built up. By the time we got on to the plane, I'd accused Wood of having an affair, and made quite a stink. He wasn't angry at my accusation. He was hurt, sad even. We talked through it - I asked pointed questions and felt reasonably assured that I was being insecure.

Wood leaves tomorrow for another conference. Skanky Bitch, we, I mean colleague, is going to be there. She was too familiar with him. I'm fuming again.

Part of me doesn't believe that they are/were just friends. I don't recognize myself here. So what, I tell myself, there's nothing I can do. What happened happened, whatever will be will be. And I will be fine.


Do I talk to him about my feelings before he leaves? When he gets home? Ask for details when he gets home? Require a daily phone call to Twig? Meditate on my insecurity? Have super hot sex with him tomorrow before he boards the plane? All of the above?

I'm not 44 years old. I'm 13.

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Paula said...

Oh my, was that really a year ago? Time freaks me out. I like all your suggestions, but strongest are: Talk with him about your feelings. Have great sex before he goes. This doesn't seem an immature response. I trust your gut Wonelle. You know stuff.