Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fuck It

The goal: Self Care

Basic stuff really. But whatever. Here it is.

-Take breathing meds twice daily, consistently
-Take vitamins daily, consistently
-Shower daily
-Exercise three times a week (or more, if possible)
-Eat nutritious food at regular intervals throughout the day
-Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum

I made it to the gym and took my morning meds. I ate crap. Ordered delivery for dinner. Layed on the couch most of the day.

But I rocked these socks at the gym.


Paula said...

I love it. The goal, the photo. Keep keeping it simple. I care about you, too, you know that? Forgive yourself.

Wonelle said...

Thanks so much, Paula. That is the number one goal, forgiveness. Self care is the first step and a daily reminder of self-love. I do know you care. I really appreciate the reminder from you.

jennifer anderson said...

its ok to rest lol!

Wonelle said...

Jennifer, thanks for your visit! And, boy have I been resting! These baseline goals are, unfortunately, still goals - I haven't been consistent with everything yet. Showers and food, save when I had the stomach flu recently, are small pleasures that I revel in daily. Meds and I have a long standing argument, and exercise hurts what seems like a little more than "starting an exercise routine is gonna suck" kind of way..So, rest it is. Except when I wake up at 3am and struggle to get back to sleep. :-D